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Local Authority Websites (LAWs)

Helping local authorities deliver services online

Aim: The project set out to develop a suite of low-cost, local authority-focussed applications and standards to help councils provide a wider range of higher quality services on their websites.

Project outcomes: LAWs has created a substantial suite of software products and infrastructure. A key element required to underpin roll-out, encourage take-up and, consequently, achieve sustainability, will be a clear and unequivocal assurance to local authority officers and the supplier community that products will be fit for purpose - all items on which the project is currently focusing.

LAWs delivers a number of software products as well as providing best practice guidance. Its primary deliverables today include:

LAWs enables a local authority to achieve up to 50 percent of its BVPI targets with the minimum effort. Its zero licence fee software also represents a possible saving of £10,000 to £50,000 per local authority compared with other options.

Project partners: LAWs I - The project was led by West Sussex County Council with three main partners: London Borough of Camden, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council and the Welland Partnership. LAWs II was also led by West Sussex County Council, with two main partners: London Borough of Camden and Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.

LAWS is still led by West Sussex County Council.

Ownership of the APLAWS content management system migrated to Camden Council at the end of 2005.

Ownership of LGOL-Net has migrated to Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.

Project status: Rollout phase.

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