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Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary

What is the Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary?

This product will bring together the three main controlled vocabularies available to public sector bodies in one merged vocabulary or taxonomy. The vocabulary can be used to populate Subject Metadata and index and categorise information across the public sector.

The vocabularies that are being merged:

Who is behind the merger?

The merger has the support of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), Local e-Government Standards Body (eSB) and the vocabulary owners.

It is funded by the ODPM via the LAWs2 Project from the Roll Out and Dissemination Budget for the National Projects.

Why merge the vocabularies?

What will the Project deliver?

Future management of the IPSV

A governance structure is being established to support the long term maintenance and hosting of the vocabulary. Issues being addressed include:

What is the primary use for the integrated vocabulary?

Improved retrieval for citizens and other system users

For indexing (tagging) information resources with subject metadata. The terms selected allow each resource to be labelled according to what it is about.

Supporting interoperability and joined up government

Other uses for the Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary

Web site navigation and directories:

How should you use / implement the IPSV?

What is the timescale?

The merger is underway now and will be completed by March 2005. Some draft sections will be tested by the ENCORE Project ( and an Editorial Panel has been set up to advise on the editorial policy

How do you get involved?

There will be opportunities for consultation and discussion about the new vocabulary as it develops, including various workshops and dissemination events and a discussion forum set up jointly between eSB and esd-toolkit. Please log on to the following link:

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