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The LAWs Project Board wanted the pilots to reflect a broad spectrum of activity around LAWs products, balanced by focussed activity around particular products, APLAWS+ and LGOL-net. As pilot authorities will be asked to present to a broader Local Authority audience on their experience a broad geographical mix was required.

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APLAWS+ only Pilot Authorities

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council - Craig Massey

Coventry City Council - David Francisco

Bristol City Council - Luke Smith

Ashfield District Council - Andie Gilmour

LGOL-net only Pilot Authorities

SouthKesteven District Council - Andy Nix

APLAWS+ and LGOL-net Pilot Authorities

Greater Manchester e-Partnership (GMeP) - led by Bolton - John Morrissy

Watford Borough Council - Avni Patel

Sedgefield Borough Council - Siobhan Walsh

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