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Organisational Development

The overall aim of this strand is to provide organisational guidelines and recommendations for local authorities that choose to implement LAWs deliverables. Sample organisational structures and roles and responsibilities, i.e., job descriptions, have been included to support the smooth implementation and organisational change necessary to achieve project and Local Authority objectives. In addition, guidelines and capacity guidelines will be produced to assist local authorities in implementing LAWs products and transforming their organisations.

There are two main groups of outputs from the LAWs community engagement strand:

The LAWS Organisation Development toolkit

The Org Dev toolkit aims to assist local authorities who have chosen to adopt one or more of the LAWS products to understand and determine the impact of implementing these products on their organisations. The toolkit has six sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. The organisation to support APLAWS Content Management System
  3. The organisation to support Community Modules
  4. Transactional Services
  5. Organisation Migration Guidelines
  6. Capacity Planning

To support the APLAWs and Community Module sections, LAWs developed a number of job descriptions and personnel specifications.

I&DeA Altering the focus report

LAWs commissioned the I&DeA to research how councils could tie website and electronic service delivery to their wider objectives.

This guide is intended to be useful for councils seeking to:

The guide takes a performance management perspective and the view that an effective performance management framework allows organisations to turn their ambitions for delivering service improvement and local priorities into reality. It summarises the characteristics of an effective performance management framework and the links between policy and website developments.

IDeA Report

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