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Local e-Government Standards Body (LeGSB)

The national standards authority for local e-government

Aim: This project is run by and for local government to provide councils, their partners and suppliers with one-stop access to the best and most current thinking, information, practice, standards and advice available for the development of local e-government.

Project outcomes: The Certification Service is in pilot phase and the project expects full roll-out at the end of June. The Custodian website has been updated recently, providing an online database of key projects and information for councils to exploit to advance their own e-government. Initial work has been completed on the Blueprints views with the Social Care Blueprint live on Custodian and others in development.

The project has advertised for a service provider to take forward the work of e-SB and secure a long-term sustainable future. In the next six months the Local e-Government Standards Body will:

The project aims to increase awareness of the existence of standards and promote their use and demonstrate to councils that viable solutions to e-government exist. This should boost confidence in the use of standards to support joined up service delivery through partnerships between local government, health and other agencies. One key aim is to prevent duplication of effort, in turn reducing demands on technical and other skills and resources and reducing the costs of local e-government.

Project partners: This project is led by the London Borough of Bromley.

Project status: Development phase.

Key contact: John Borras, Chief Executive. Tel: 07940 598270

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