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Local e-Services Take-Up Campaign

A key focus for 2006 is that of improving awareness and take-up of local e-services by the citizen.

MORI research undertaken for the e-Citizen National Project provides clear evidence that current usage of council e-channels lags considerably behind public interest in using them - some 46% (17.5 million) of the adult population of England are predisposed to use local authority e-channels.

Last November, Local e-Government Minister, Jim Fitzpatrick, announced a £5 million local e-service take-up campaign designed to raise citizen awareness of local authority e-services coming online as a result of the Local e-Government Programme.

Due for launch in March 2006, the campaign is designed to support the efforts of local authorities in raising citizen awareness of the e-services that are now available. This follows earlier groundwork undertaken through the e-Citizen National Project.

It is believed that there would be a significant increase in the take up of local authority e-services by citizens through effective marketing, with real benefits to both service users and taxpayers.

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