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local e-gov EXPO - January/February Briefings for Chief Executives and Members

e-Gov makes the modernising difference

The January/February series of local e-gov EXPO's showed the real commitment and understanding of Chief Executive's and Members towards the use of 'e' in modernising services.

Over 160 chief executives and members attended the five high-level briefing sessions arranged to discuss the Benefits Studies recently published by the local e-gov National Projects - six of the 22 Projects have been used to illustrate the potential cost savings, service improvements and other benefits that could be obtained - valued at £1.7bn over all.

The debate at each of the events was lively and two-way. A fuller list of the topics discussed will be published here shortly, but the main issues concerning chief execs and members today are:

“There is a growing realisation that 'e-gov' now means ‘efficiency' as well as ‘electronic' and that much infrastructure has been put in place to realise these dual goals,” said Martin Scarfe, National Projects Communications Programme Chair.

“But now the real work begins. Securing the real benefits for staff, citizens and businesses. Many authorities are going through the changes needed to secure the benefits - much of this is ‘traumatic' and ‘sensitive' - but there are more and more examples of real benefits being obtained, either directly or indirectly from using 'e'.”

Comments from local e-gov EXPO briefing attendees included:

Added Scarfe, “The message is clear - we have started to see significant change in how public services are delivered. Councils are already thinking beyond 2005.”

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