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By the end of December 2005 over 97% of English local authority services were e-enabled - offering services that are accessible at times and places most convenient to the customer.

These services offer customers choice over the way in which they contact the council and receive public services through interactive digital TV, personalised websites, mobile technology, over the telephone, using kiosks and smartcards, or face to face over the counter.

The 22 National Projects focus on a number of technologies and Priority Services at the heart of delivering successful local e-government. They have developed implementation route maps to help avoid mistakes; standard specifications to speed procurement; helped to develop and establish e-government standards; and worked with key suppliers to encourage delivery of the products councils need to deliver and take forward this vision.

The local e-gov National Projects aim to help local councils to continuously improve services, deliver value for money and increase efficiency in line with the Gershon efficiency agenda, whilst fostering the creation of sustainable communities.

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