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Working with Business

Your business made easy

Aim: This project has been developed to provide local authorities with a framework within which they can develop and improve the online provision of information and transactional services for local businesses. The project will provide a range of products designed to enable local authorities to support their local businesses far more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Project outcomes: The Working with Business National Project supports local councils in developing and improving their interactions with local business through a practical set of tools, sample websites and implementation advice.

Councils are helped to enhance their e-services for business whether or not they have existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, providing seamless and efficient support at the point of need for their business customer base.

Central to the project is the Single Business Account, which aims to give local businesses one single point of online contact with their local council, streamlining all communications and transactions across all departments in the council.

Other important elements in the support package are a model website which councils can follow in developing their own website for business and a model for building a business database.

Opportunities for improving the tendering process for council services through online transactions are also covered, saving on business time and cost.

The WWB product catalogue, including the Single Business Account (SBA), can make a significant contribution towards enabling authorities to meet their obligations under the recent ODPM Priority Outcomes.

Project partners: The project is being led by Barnsley Borough Council.

Project status: Rollout phase.

Key contact: Enquiries. Tel: 0845 456 1901.

Web site: All of the outputs from the Working with Business National Project are now available from the Product Catalogue.

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