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Aim: The project set out to produce a Smartcard Starter pack covering advice, guidance and software to support the implementation of smart card schemes within local authorities.

Project outcomes: Information about the Smartcard Starter pack is available on the project's web site. Guidance on developing a business case for smart cards and advice on smart card standards and interoperability has also been produced, along with access to on-card and off-card open source software providing authorities with an entry-level point to start a local card scheme.

All project documents are published in the project's Smart Store on its website. Documents are listed and categorised according to their relevance to different phases of project delivery: strategy formulation, planning, and implementation.

Key deliverables for the second phase of this project are focused on supporting every council in England to achieve priority outcome G12 for leisure and libraries by March 31 2006.

The project will encourage councils to position their smart card investment within an overall strategy for modernising services for citizens - it will actively discourage the approach that is looking for a quick, cheap fix in order to get a tick in the right box.

Phase 2 of the project will look at further developing the project's knowledge base along with development of a commercial software standard model and authentication requirements for local authorities. Issues such as smart card standards and approaches to smart card e-money will also be investigated.

Project partners: The Project is led by Bracknell Forest Borough Council.

Project status: Rollout phase.

Key contacts:
Programme Manager: Richard Tyndall. Tel: 01344 424642. Email: [email protected]
LA Lead: Vincent Paliczka. Tel: 01344 351751. Email: [email protected]

Web site:

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