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Project Nomad (Mobile Technology)

Keeping our local authorities mobile

Aim: The project will create a comprehensive set of deliverables that should enable any local authority wishing to establish a mobile computing operation to do so with ease and confidence.

Project outcomes: Project Nomad will create deliverables that cover all aspects of realising a mobile computing operation, including research and background material; business case design; organisational impact; staff and management issues; technical planning; technology selection; integration to back office systems; and evaluation and benefits realisation.

These materials and other deliverables will be trialled in a range of settings designed to showcase the technology potential and demonstrate implementation in a range of operational settings. Trials will also prove the robustness of the overall toolset and provide opportunities for a wider set of authorities to participate. In addition, they will provide a focus for the supplier market to understand, and respond to, local authority needs.

Outputs are currently being tested within the areas of Building Control, Citizen and Councillor Interactions, Environmental Health, Social Services, Senior Managers and Members, Project Team (Tech), Electronic Financial Assessments, Headstone and Cemetery Inspections, Single Assessment (CAT), Ambulances and Social Care, iTex and Street Scene.

Project partners: Led by Cambridgeshire County Council, Project Nomad partners are Sheffield City Council, North Somerset Council, Norwich City Council, London Borough of Sutton, London Borough of Greenwich, London Borough of Lewisham, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Kirklees Metropolitan Council and Cumbria County Council.

Project status: Development phase.

Key contacts:
Project Manager: Peter Marsden. Tel: 07973 838792. Email: [email protected]
LA Lead: Ian Laughton. Tel: 01223 717111. Email: [email protected]

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