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Framework for Information Sharing in a Multi-Agency Environment (FAME)

Effective information sharing for improved service

Aim: The project aims to improve the provision of services through effective and appropriate information sharing between local authorities, local authority service providers and other government agencies. Public sector organisations will have access to relevant and timely information.

Project outcomes:

FAME is made up of eight strands and deliverables

  1. Child protection system - Methodologies and toolsets, framework, infrastructure.
  2. Children with disabilities - Framework, single assessment process, IT system solution
  3. Integrated mental health records - Framework, case study and training materials, multi-agency mental health records created.
  4. Promoting the independence of vulnerable older people - Process definition, integrated system, local framework.
  5. Housing benefits inter-working - Prototype system with workflow support, process maps, rollout roadmap facilities.
  6. Generic framework model - Framework with technical and social elements, application examples, case studies.
  7. Identification, referral and tracking of children at risk - Process definition, integrated system, local framework.
  8. Learning and evaluation - Evaluation report, dissemination workshops, set of indicators, objective view of the project.

Project partners: The FAME project is led by Newcastle City Council.

Project status: Development phase.

Key contact: John Littleton. Tel: 0191 232 8520
Email: [email protected]

Web site:

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