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Efficiently managing information and providing transactional fire-related services

Aim: e-fire will enable the provision, acquisition and exchange of information in new or more efficient ways, provide transactional services via the Internet and prepare the ground for Fire & Rescue Services to introduce other channels of access such as Digital Television.

Project outcomes: e-fire will produce a range of internet-based facilities, each of which is designed to provide a key component for Fire & Rescue Services to use in their delivery of electronic services.

The suite of products delivered by the e-fire portal will enable members of the public and those responsible for commercial premises to assess fire risk, plan control measures and prepare escape plans. Users will also be able to request services from their local Fire & Rescue Service, for example, the provision of a free smoke alarm. The portal will also carry home fire safety advice specifically targeted at Carers, Social Services Professionals and Housing Departments, to enable the provision of safety guidance to high-risk, hard-to-reach households and to support local Brigades' work in the development of productive cross-agency partnerships.

Project partners: ODPM Fire & Rescue Directorate, Chief Fire Officers Association, Local Government Association.

Project status: Development phase.

Key contacts: Ivan Deith, Project Manager. Tel: 01623 600 824
[email protected]

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